Cigarette Holder Filter Cigarette Capsule Filter

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Product Advantage

Filter Tuber has a simple and high-end atmospheric packaging that makes people have a convenient use experience when using it. It can still effectively block the e-liquid under the premise of having the smoke-use explosive beads to enhance the taste.

Product Detail

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1. Enjoy Smoking

2. The cigarette filter tube and the flavored cigarette crushed ball are combined into one to maintain health while adding more flavors to the cigarette.​​ 

3.Choose from a variety of colors . 



Polymer fiber filters nicotine and other harmful substances in cigarettes, and adds capsules to increase the taste. 

How to use:

Pull out the mouthpiece
Add capsule (can add one or more)
Add filter cotton
Push the filter cotton to burst the capsule


Company profile

Shijiazhuang DaYang Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,located in Hebei Province. DaYang specialized in researching

producing and distributing cigarette like Cigarette  Capsule,Capsule Pusher,Herb Grinder,Smoking Rolling Paper,Hookah  and so on.

At present , our products have been exported to Europe,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,the United States, Latin America,South America,Australia and other countries and regions.

We will be a Chinese partner that make you proud , and we make efforts to provide you with professional and timely service.Look forward to establishing a good faith and friendly relationship with you.


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