New fashion 3 in 1 Cigarette capsulet pusher applicator

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It is convenient and quick to use, and it is full of sense of quality. A variety of colors can be selected. To fill the beads, you only need to replace the magazine that stores the beads. Want to be the brightest boy among smokers? Dispenser applicator helps you become the most fashionable smoker or lady.


Place the magazine that stores the explosive beads at the magazine. The magazine can add 100 explosive beads for cigarettes. The color and Logo label can also be customized. The wall-breaking device has a built-in spring to return to the original position after pressing. It is also suitable for different styles of cigarettes of 2.8mm and 3.3mm.

Our pop beads are very safe and contain gelatin, glycerides, fragrances, and silicon-free chemicals. It is completely safe to use without worrying about any safety issues.

If you are a connoisseur of strong taste and a smoking enthusiast, then Cigarette Pop Pearl is your best choice! Because the cigarette bursts with beads, every burning cigarette has become a unique discovery.

Suitable for ordinary cigarettes. You click and enjoy the essence of your favorite scent from beginning to end.

Product Name Dispenser applicator
Size(Plus outer packaging) 8.5cm*3.5cm*2.5cm.
Efficacy Use semi-mechanical means to press the popping beads into the cigarette.
Usage Reduce the smell of smoking and increase the fun of smoking.
Material ABS Plastic.
Package One in a box.
Samples We provide sample service.
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Dispenser applicator as the first product launched by Da yang after entering the pod equipment, its birth is revolutionary. What it brings to smokers is not only convenient and fast use, it has even become a post-dinner talk for everyone. Compare with each other your colors are more vivid or mine colors are more cool. Dispenser applicator will become your favorite product!

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Shijiazhuang DaYang Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,located in Hebei Province. DaYang specialized in researching producing and distributing cigarette  like Cigarette Capsule,Capsule Pusher,Herb Grinder,Smoking Rolling Paper,Hookah  and so on.

At present , our products have been exported to Europe,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,the United States, Latin America,South America,Australia and other countries and regions.

We will be a Chinese partner that make you proud , and we make efforts to provide you with professional and timely service.Look forward to establishing a good faith and friendly relationship with you.

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