Mint Candy Fresh Breath Custom Chewing Gum

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Product Advantage

Simple and convenient has always been the packaging format Dayang wants to provide for its customers. Breath Refresher Bead uses a round ball design, which makes the customer will not be blocked or even scratched the moment when the customer puts it in the mouth. The changeable taste and mixed packaging make the public acceptance higher.

Product Detail

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1.No-Chewing Breath Refresher Bead, Multi-Flavored Burst Bead Pop-Gum, Strong Mint Burst Bead Pop-Gum, Menthol Bead, Refresh Breath Bead, Clean Mouth, Remove Bad Breath Bead, Burst Candy, New Fashion Christmas Candy, Christmas Fashion Gifts, Christmas Refresh Breath Candy .


2. The skin of the Fresh Breath Beads uses high-quality edible gelatin, which is easy to bite and explode but not easy to break. The best edible flavor in the country is used as the filling of the bead. Feel the fragrance of mint from inside the body. While refreshing the breath, feel the strong mint fragrance. Meet your need for mint flavor.

3. Small body, big power. Small and portable. New Trend! New Fashion! Men, women and children all can carry a box of fresh breath beads to keep fresh breath anytime, anywhere.


Product Specification

Product Name Breath Refresher Bead.
Size(Plus outer packaging) 7.5cm*2cm*1cm.
Efficacy It improves the cooling and refreshing of the mouth, and refreshes the breath.
Material ABS Plastic
Package Luxury independent packaging, with optional or customized burst beads.
Samples We provide sample service.
Open method The lid slowly opens after touching the button.
Shelf life The original packaging has a limited period of three years and one year after opening.

Company profile

Shijiazhuang DaYang Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016,located in Hebei Province. DaYang specialized in researching

producing and distributing cigarette like Cigarette  Capsule,Capsule Pusher,Herb Grinder,Smoking Rolling Paper,Hookah  and so on.

At present , our products have been exported to Europe,the Middle East,Southeast Asia,the United States, Latin America,South America,Australia and other countries and regions.

We will be a Chinese partner that make you proud , and we make efforts to provide you with professional and timely service.Look forward to establishing a good faith and friendly relationship with you.

Application :

Fresh breath beads that are easy to use in various occasions.


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