The New Products About Cigarettes!

As everyone knows that smoking can produce harmful substances and damage the human body. Cigarette filter is used to reduce the smoke, tar and suspended particles generated during burning when smoking. But the filter on the cigarette can not completely filter the harmful substances in the cigarette, at this time, we can increase the use of additional cigarette filter holders.
Our company currently has a variety of cigarette filters, They are Burst Beads Filter Cigarette Holder, Reusable Cigarette Capsule Filter Tube and triple filter cigarette holder.

1.Burst beads filter cigarette holder is suitable for regular size cigarettes and slim cigarettes, this cigarette filter can effectively filter tar and other harmful substances, and the filter has built-in burst beads to increase the flavor of the cigarette.
2.The reusable cigarette capsule filter tube can change the filter cotton and beads in the tube. Reusable cigarette holders can be properly cleaned after a period of use:
Wipe the outside of the tube gently with a cotton cloth. The bite of the cigarette holder can be wiped with alcohol.
The cigarette holder can change the filter cotton. You only need to wipe the inside with paper towel before changing filter cotton.
3.Triple filter cigarette holder does not contain burst beads, but this type of cigarette holder has triple filtration, namely microporous filter + filter bead + magnet filter.
Cigarette holder can filter most of the harmful substances in cigarettes, but it can not completely eliminate the harm of cigarettes. For the sake of physical and mental health, we need to minimize smoking and live a healthy life.

Post time: Sep-21-2020