Shijiazhuang Dayang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is actively developing new products recently.

Shijiazhuang Dayang Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is actively developing new products recently. The new products include new bursting bead flavors, new bursting bead colors, and various bolus devices to help you quickly turn cigarettes into bursting bead cigarettes.

For the new pop pearl flavor, we have recently developed two flavors, namely Glacier Mint and Ice Mint. It can bring you a coolness in the summer days and make your life more beautiful and refreshing. Of course, its color is also very beautiful light green, which makes you look very refreshing and matches its taste very well. Enjoying its taste is like listening to the four seasons in the sun of westlife. I hope this light green fresh taste can bring you a good look.

In addition to bursting beads of various flavors and colors, we have also developed a new bead pusher that allows the bursting beads to be loaded into cigarettes faster. Through continuous technological innovation and continuous cost reduction, we have developed a cheap and practical push-point pen. It is shaped like a pen and is very light and can be put in a cigarette box. Through technological innovation, it only takes 3 seconds to put the popping beads into the cigarette. Moreover, our new product is relatively cheap, and it is very popular in European markets such as Turkey and the Netherlands. Friends in these areas can hurry up to order and purchase, and quickly occupy the market.

As an advance notice, our company’s recent Christmas gift boxes have been ordered by many customers in advance. Our Christmas gift box contains a bead pusher and three different flavored beads. This will be the best Christmas gift you can give to your friends. You can tell us the taste and style you like, and we can also customize the production according to your needs. We will do a Christmas live broadcast on August 27th. If you have any questions, we can communicate at any time!


Post time: Aug-18-2021